USA Student Visa

USA Student Visa

Capital : Washington D.C.

Languages : English and Spanish

Official Currency : Dollars $ (USD)

Major Cities : New York (N.Y.), California, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco.

USA at Glance

United States of America is one of the world’s most “multi” cultural societies. USA falls under probably the most ethnically varied as well as modern country. USA is one of the most desired countries with regards to immigration as well as training. The USA lifestyle had been primarily affected by protestant British culture, bringing along various cultures also from slaves of Africa. Baseball is the national sport of USA. The populace associated with more than three hundred million is actually split up in to the bewildering array of races, ethncities as well as identities. California , the largest state in the USA and it itself is the world’s sixth largest economy. USA literacy rate is almost 97%.

United States, a highly developed country, host a number of world’s most thrilling metropolitan areas as well as mind blowing scenery with the most approachable natives in the world. One of the hallmark of USA, lifestyle here is self reliance.USA have been named as the Big Apple all over the world.

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United States is world’s 3rd largest nation through total land area as well as 3rd biggest through populace.USA shares its edges along with Mexico in the south and Canada towards the north. Towards the west is the pacific ocean and towards the south – The Caribbean as well as gulf of Mexico, to the east – the ocean sea. The geography of the USA is greatly diverse ranging from glacier to tundra to the sub tropical woodland, vast plains and lofty mountain ranges.
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The climate of US is extremely diverse varying in different regions. It is a country that enjoys a cool climate round the year. Climate varies considerably across the United States. You will probably need an umbrella in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. In the northern cities, such as Boston, Chicago, new York, Washington, Minneapolis you will need snow gear. In the southern states, such as California and Florida, summers may be very hot and the winters mind.
Reference : Climate of United States of America


USA is a country with a diverse variety of cultures and is home to an extensive group of ethics, customs and values. The People in United States value the human beliefs and celebrate socioeconomic triumph. The students who choose the universities in the US come across a regional culture that is rich with traditions and customs. The nation has a multi-racial society that merges new immigrants despite the country from which they come. The culture of USA reveals a trend to hybridize pop culture, which is why it is called high culture. The expansion and influence of American culture elsewhere is apparent in many aspects like, music, dance, movies, sports, architecture, literature, poetry, cuisine and visual arts, which are followed by people all around the world.
Reference : Culture in United States of America


Cuisine of the United States refers to the food prepared and originating from the United States of America. The European colonization of the America was the reason for the introduction of a number of new ingredients and cooking styles to the prevalent. Traditional American cuisine is much similar to that of several Western countries. The various styles have continued expanding well into the 19th and 20th centuries. This, coupled with the immigrants from many foreign nations has led to the development of a rich diversity of food that is prepared throughout the country. Many people even prefer to eat Italian pastas, Mexican dishes such as burritos and tacos which are also available in the US. Usually Americans prefer coffee to tea and milk is the chronic breakfast drink. With the evolution of the beverage industries, orange juice and sweetened soft drinks are also highly consumed. Food snacks such as, fried chicken, pizzas, hamburgers, hot dogs, and apple pies are derived from the recipes of various immigrants.
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  • The United States comes with a set-up, high quality tertiary training program. The United States features a remarkable 7 from the world’s top 10 colleges/universities based on the 2013-14 Times Higher Education World Top Universities Rankings. Actually, 76 from the best 200 colleges/universities tend to be dependent in the united states.
  • America offers more establishments associated with higher education compared to every nation, however regardless of the number it’s the high quality associated with the education offered by these educational organizations that is recognized globally. The teaching forces of these organizations tend to be top government bodies within their particular area. The caliber of the research program combined with the resources available and also the faculty ensures that the organizations possess higher standards.
  • More than 4000 establishments provide undergraduate, masters and doctorate degrees in various specializations. The USA education program offers powerful education & interpersonal environment that fosters each educational, professional as well as personal improvement of people.
  • United States education is the best investment decision for future. A broad range associated with college tuition fees, accommodation costs, & monetary help assist in the educational bodies as scholarship grants, fee waivers, financial help & so on can make America’s education inexpensive.
  • America is famous because of its most recent techniologies as well as development which provides the college students an excellent opportunity to make his/her career in these types of areas. United States is known as the hub of innovations. College students therefore possess first hands understanding about cutting edge technologies in conjunction with excellent research opportunities.
  • The best strategy of USA education program, is actully it enables one to learn and earn. This particular not just provides an individual, a comprehensive understanding of the topics, but additionally shows an individual to possess a practical & professional strategy. This provides much better growth throughout the world.
  • The United States education program is versatile when it comes to range of courses within the college or university. Throughout the course, students can move in one course/stream to a different or even from one organization to different. This particular facet of the USA education program makes it unique from other countries.

  • For more detailed information, please visit study in United States of America

USA has got the world’s most versatile education system. Students may research their own area of interest as specialty area. Since the education program associated with USA is not centralized, every institute can figure out it’s own plan as well as entrance requirements. Lateral; movement with the educational system is possible any time.

Study System in USA For more details, please visit Education System instudy in United States of America

Types of Universities
Public Universities

The majority of public universities are state universities which are run by state organizations. These are big dimensions. All levels of degrees with various areas of research are offered here. Public colleges or universities tend to be fairly affordable for residents of their respective states, who pay in-state tuition fees, International students pay out-of-state tuition fees that is greater. Each US state has at least one public university to its name, and the largest states have more than thirty.
For more details, please visit Public Universities in United States of America

Private Institutions

The source of financing decides whether the universities is public or private. Private universities tend to be those that don’t obtain federal government finance as well as that are operate with no government’s control. Endowments, annual gifts, alumni contributions as well as tuition fees tend to be substantial causes of financing with these types of university. Therefore, the tuition fees of private universities are pretty higher compared to public universities. Nevertheless. Private institutions additionally often provides nice educational funding deals. More than 80% associated with full time undergraduate from private universities obtain some type of educational funding.

The private universities & colleges consist of any kind of college: four and two years colleges, rural & urban, liberal art colleges; main research universities; christian, catholic and Jewish institutions; art institutions; schools of law, medicine, engineering, business, management & other professions. With both undergraduate & graduate program students can take anything from a 1 year professional certificate to a doctorate at private universities.
For more details, please visit Private Institutions of United States of America

Technical Institutions

Also known as institute of Technology or polytechnic institute provides specific programs within science and engineering, along with fundamental science, humanities & also the social science at both graduate and undergraduate levels. They stress upon engineering as well as science and are recognized for their research & program.
For more details, please visit Technical Institutions of United States of America


The excitement comes on your face whenever you listen to titles such as HARVARD, YALE, PRINCETON, BROWN, DARTMOUTH, CORNELL, COLUMBIA and UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA. They are IVY LEAGUES and admission right here is a challenging job apart from heavy on packet. They are within the northern east part of America. Their approximately acceptance rate is about 9% to 11% in general.
For more details, please visit Ivy Leagues of United States of America

Community Colleges

These are establishments usually operate by a particular community for their own individuals. Many high school graduate who cannot pay for universities, or even that merely aren’t prepared for any four year organizations may select to study in community college. These institutions accept international students also.These institutions will be mostly located in suburbs, and the basic advantage in these institutions is minimum academic fees. Community colleges provide higher education & lower level tertiary education, granting certificates, diplomas & associate degree.
For more details, please visit Community Colleges in United States of America

Grading System

Grading system is based on the scale of 0 to 4.

GPA Letter Grade Percentage
4.0 A 90-100 %
3.0 B 80-89 %
2.0 C 70-79 %
1.0 D 60-69 %
0.0 F 0-59 %

For more details, please visit Grading system of United States of America

Types of Degrees
Associate Degree

In the USA, an associate degree is equivalent to the first two years of a four year college or university Bachelors degree. It is an academic degree awarded by the community colleges, junior colleges, business colleges and some bachelor’s degree upon completion of a course of study usually for two years (60 credits). It is the lowest in hierarchy of post secondary academic degrees offered in USA

Bachelors Degree:
These are undergraduate degrees with duration of 4 years
Masters Degree

The duration of Masters’ level courses may range from a year to two depending on the university and the area of specialization. In general, most Masters level courses in the USA are two years, which students can also finish in a little over 18 months, should they utilize their vacations studying additional credits early.
Usually, USA requires 16 years of education for Masters (especially MS). However, many MBA programs have started accepting students with 15 years education (like BA, BSc, BCom). Exams required to apply for Masters are GMAT for management related subjects; GRE for arts, science or any other subjects; TOEFL or IELTS test for admission


Commonly known as PhD. Duration of the same may range from 3 years to 5 years. Students can take admission for a PhD only after completion of their Masters degree and in exceptional circumstances; some Universities may wish to take on students without a Masters. Students wishing to pursue PhD need to submit a research proposal as well have to appear for GRE or GMAT and TOEFL or IELTS exams for admissions For more details, please visit Types of degrees available in United States of America

List of University


United States major intakes are January and September. Few universities also have April/May and December intakes.

Entry Requirement

  • For undergraduate, Higher Secondary Education must be completed and TOEFL Score should be 80 or above and/or IELTS score should be 6.0 Bands or above.
  • For Post Graduate, Higher Secondary Education + 4 years of bachelors should be completed. TOEFL score should be 90 or above and/or IELTS Bands should 6.5 Bands or more.
  • Some institutions accept Higher Secondary Education + 3 years of Bachelor Degree for their Bridge/Masters program.

Required Documents

  • Passport copy or birth certificate
  • IELTS Score Sheet
  • Resume/CV
  • All academic and work experience documents
  • Two reference letters from college’s/employers.
  • Statement of Purpose

For more details on IELTS, please visit British Council IELTS and IDP British Council
For more information on eligibility, please visit Eligibility for SPP
For more details on TOEFL, please visit TOEFL
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United States has become incredible a first rate learning program utilizing high principles. Education in United States is economical. The common expenses for a global student is as under:

Level of courses (Approximate Tuition Fees Per Year) Tuition Fees also depends on College/Uni. you choose to study in. Fees below is in USD $.
Public Institutions Private Institutions Community Colleges
10,000 – 42,000 10,000 – 30,000 8,000 – 15,000

The value for residing in United States of America approximately might be somewhere between USD$ 5,000 to 12,000 per year with respect to the location as well as selecting to remain on campus or off campus.
For more details, please visit living cost for United States of America

In USA, Work rights are available to international students to work while and after studies.

During your studies

Students are permitted to work 20 hours per week during the normal education periods and 40 hours per week i.e full time during scheduled breaks and vacations. All USA universities also offer extra-curricular activities that provide real-world job experience.
Reference : Work while you study

After your studies (Work and Migration)

Following graduation, students on an F-1 visa can apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), which allows them to work in their chosen field for 12 months after completing their studies. To get additional 17 months OPT extension [total 29 months which includes 12 months OPT as stated above], students must complete a degree from STEM Major. STEM refers to degree in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Reference: Employment in United States of America

What is an I-20 and how do I get one?

A Form I-20 is a government form that tells the U.S. government that you are eligible for F-1 Student Status. It certifies that

  • you are or expect to be a “bonafide” student
  • you meet the American Educational Institute’s admissions requirements
  • you will pursue a full course of study
  • you proved to the college/university that you have enough money to study and live in the U.S. without working illegally or suffering from poverty.
The i-20 is sent to you by the university/college you have been accepted at. You need this form to apply for the student visa.
What is F-1 student Visa ?

F1 visa is issued to international students who are attending an academic program or English Language Program at a US college or university. F-1 students must maintain the minimum course load for full-time student status. They can remain in the US up to 60 days beyond the length of time it takes to complete their academic program, unless they have applied and been approved to stay and work for a period of time under the OPT Program.

What exactly is the Transfer Student Concept ?

A transfer option is to complete at least 2 years of the Bachelors / Diploma program in any country and then apply for a transfer to the University that a student wants to attend in USA. The years waived off in your transfer status will depend on the courses covered in India and the grades for the same. It is rare that one can get exact transfer of credits. For more details, please visit Transfer Student Concept

Can I apply to all universities or only in top universities ?

The admission ratio with top colleges/universities is just 1% – 4%. Consequently, in order to enhance you chances of entrance, you should also apply to other universities that provide good courses. Also the entry requirements are extremely strict s with regard to this kind of institutions. One must keep in mind that position could be worldwide, area based as well as subject based. For more details, please visitUniversities in United States of America

Can I get admission in MBA directly if I had completed my 15 years education in India?

Most American Universities require 16 years of education for admission into an MBA or any other Graduate program. It is therefore advisable to complete M.Com / M.A/ M.Sc. or at least one year of any Masters Degree before taking admission in an American University. Some top ranked Universities can take you with 15 yrs. of education with 2-3 years of relevant work experience. YMPL however has a list of those institutions that would enroll students after 15 years of education directly.

Can I get Financial Aid from my college in USA?

Yes definitely, but getting financial assistance in the first semester is extremely competitive and you need to have an extremely good academic and test score to be qualified. There are number of good cases where we have helped students secure full financial assistance. If you have an outstanding academic background and test scores,

Can I shift my college Once i reach USA ?

Once you are in the US, you are governed by the USCIS rule. According to this rule, you cannot change the school before completing one semester at the school. It is advisable that you make your choice carefully to avoid problems at a later date.