US Visas Technical Glitch Partially Resolved

The technical glitch that erupted in America computers poignant visa process across the world is partially resolved. the matter lasted for quite 2 weeks leading to a backlog of quite 70,000 visa applications globally, particularly those of farm staff from mexico stuck at US-Mexico border.

A team of over 100 specialists was constantly operating to resolve the problem and bring back the systems to normalcy. The systems are currently operating – though not fully economical however, the United States has said that the difficulty is part resolved. And it’s started provision visas worldwide. According to the report published on nasdaq, State Department spokeswoman has said that over 50 of world consultants/embassies have started issuance the visas. It additional explicit her saying that the diplomat posts everywhere have issued regarding 45,000 visas in a single day, a bit less to its usual variety.

The glitch has resulted in multi-million dollar loss to the U.S.. It affected travel plans of lots of folks as handling biometric clearances become difficult. several had to redo their bioscience because the information like fingerprints, etc. was affected. Hoping the North American country visa glitch is presently totally resolved to the relief of the farm employees, travelers and students about to begin their education within the coming intake.

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