UK Tier 2 Visa

UK Tier 2 (General) Visa Limit Almost Reached

The University of Oxford’s Migration Observatory (OMO) reportable on could fourteenth that the limit on uk Tier 2 visas for masterly migrants was virtually exceeded within the one year amount ending april 2015.

Employers using skilled migrants with employment on the Tier two shortage occupation list don’t ought to advertise the vacancy to point out there’s no resident employee able to do the work. Those earning £150,000 a year or additional are exempt from the cap.

Some points about UK Tire 2 visa

  • UK Tier 2 (General) visas limited to 20,700
  • Tier 2 Visa Quota Nearly Exceeded Last Year
  • Experts Warn of Skilled Migrant Shortage in 2015
  • Recovery Threatened by Tier 2 Visa Limit

UK Tier 2 (General) visas limited to 20,700

In April 2011 the Conservative/Liberal Coalition Government introduced a 20,700 annual limit on Tier 2 visas. The move was condemned by business leaders and immigration specialists as spare, and harmful to the united kingdom economic recovery. A report on work warned in july 2011 that the massive scale changes to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland visa policy in this year were ‘intentionally depriving British businesses of a wealth of complete labour’.

Tier 2 Visa Quota Nearly Exceeded Last Year

The difficulty of the Tier 2 application process, coupled with a slow economic recovery, meant that for a few years the Tier 2 visa cap wasn’t reached within the uk. The cap was very little quite a info tool for the united kingdom political party. However, knowledge from the workplace for National Statistics reveals that Tier 2 visa applications are rising year on year because the economy gains momentum. within the year ending april 2015 the amount of Tier 2 Certificate of support that were issued fell in need of the cap by simply 171. Accounting for the certificates that went unused and were so granted to others the limit was really exceeded by fifty two.

Experts Warn of Skilled Migrant Shortage in 2015

If the trend of rising Tier 2 applications continues then it’s clear that the cap are exceeded in 2015. Oxford Migration Observatory director Madeleine Sumption aforesaid during a recent press release that the “data indicate that it’s more and more possible that some employers – together with the general public sector – could realize themselves unable to recruit non-EU employees over succeeding year.”

Recovery Threatened by Tier 2 Visa Limit

The UK’s economic recovery since the 2008 monetary crisis has been slow at best; imperative reform to Tier 2 visa policy is required if British businesses are to still grow. Inability to use to employ migrants from outside of the european Economic area can have a negative impact on the economy. to boot, as a large variety of National Health Service employees are employed on Tier 2 visas, the visa cap couldn’t only create a risk to the economy, however to public health moreover. the govt. should currently act quickly to avoid these issues.

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