TOEFL – Test Of English as a foreign Language

The purpose of the TOEFL test is to evaluate the English proficiency of candidates who are non-native English speakers. In addition, international companies, government agencies, scholarship programs, and recruitment agencies use TOEFL scores to evaluate English proficiency.

More than 27 million people from all over the world have taken the TOEFL test to demonstrate their English-language proficiency. The average English skill level ranges between Intermediate and Advanced.

  1. Students planning to study at a higher education institution
  2. English-language learning program admissions and exit
  3. Scholarship and certification candidates
  4. English-language learners who want to track their progress Students and workers applying for visas

You can do the test on paper or on a computer, depending where you live.The test comes in two formats:

1.Paper-based test (PBT)

2.Next generation computer-based test (iBT)

The TOEFL iBT® test, administered via the Internet, is an important part of your journey to study in an English-speaking country. In addition to the test, the ETS TOEFL Program provides tools and guides to help you prepare for the test and improve your English-language skills.

The Computer-Based TOEFL Test has 4 sections

Section 1: Listening
Section 2: Structure (Grammar)
Section 3: Reading
Section 4: Writing

    1. Listening Comprehension:

Measures the ESL student’s ability to understand North American English.

    1. Structure & Written Expression

Measures the ESL student’s ability to recognize language appropriate for standard written English.

    1. Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension

Measures the ESL student’s ability to understand non-technical reading material.

    1. Essay Writing

Measures the ESL student’s ability to express ideas in standard written English.


The score range on the CBT TOEFL Test is: 0-300. In other words, the highest possible total score is 300 points.

This breaks down in each section as a scaled score:

Listening: 0-30

Structure/Writing: 0-30

Reading Comprehension: 0-30


The score from the essay in the Writing Section is included in the Structure score. The essay is graded on a scaled score of 0 to 6. 6 is the highest possible total score on the Writing Section. Note: The essay score is one sixth of the total test score.

Number of Questions in the test and the time to complete each section:

Listening: 30 to 49 questions with 15-25 minutes to answer the questions. 40-60 minutes to complete entire section. The clock runs while you are answering questions, but not while you are listening to conversations and talks.

Structure: 20-25 questions with 15-20 minutes to complete the questions.

Reading: 44-55 questions with 70-90 minutes to complete the section (includes time spent reading passages and answering questions).

Writing:One assigned essay topic, with 30 minutes to write the essay.