Tier 2 Visa Limit Reached for First Time in UK

The monthly limit on Tier 2 visas was reached for the primary time this month, prompting harsh criticism of the visa cap from business and immigration consultants.

  • UK Tier 2 (General) visas limited to 20,700
  • Experts warn of public sector skill shortage
  • No plans to increase Tier 2 visa limit

Tier 2 (General) visa for skilled migrants

The purpose of the united kingdom Tier 2 (General) visa is to enable uk employers holding a Tier 2 support licence to use complete migrants from outside of the eu Economic space. so as to apply for a Tier 2 visa migrants got to gain at least 70 points beneath the tier two points test; points are awarded for having a Certificate of sponsorship with the suitable salary issued by a kingdom leader, and for meeting the Tier 2 English language and maintenance funds necessities.

UK Tier 2 (General) visas limited to 20,700

The cap only applies to those who need a Tier 2 Restricted Certificate of Sponsorship; workers living outside of the UK who do not already have a long term UK visa allowing them to switch to a Tier 2 visa. Those exempted from the cap include:

  • Migrants on Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visas
  • Migrants applying to extend their Tier 2 visas
  • Migrants already in the UK under a visa category that allows them to switch to a Tier 2 visa.
  • Migrants filling vacancies paying £150,000 a year or more
  • Tier 2 Sports people and Ministers of Religion

Experts warn of public sector skill shortage

The OMO also noted that since Tier 2 applicants with lower salaries receive fewer points on the Tier 2 points test, they will have the lowest priority for entry to the UK, and will therefore be affected by the visa cap in greater numbers. These include public sector workers such as nurses, and young people in entry level positions. Those on Tier 4 Student visas – which in some cases allow the visa holder to work a limited number of hours during term time and full time during holidays – will not be affected.

No plans to increase Tier 2 visa limit

“We need to do more to change that, which means reducing the demand for migrant labour. That is why we have commissioned the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to provide advice on significantly reducing economic migration from outside the EU.

“We will continue to monitor Tier 2 take-up, but have no plans to change the limit.”

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