South Korea Waives Visa Fee To Enhance Tourism!

MERS outbreak has played a monster in South Korean tourism. This has scared away a lot of people who visit the country annually. The South Korean government has decided to deal with this constant loss, by waving the visa fees. They have welcomed tourist from China and Southeast Asia to visit their nation without a visa fee.


With this, they hope to recover the loss incurred by the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in June. The news of the disease effected the countries tourism severely, preventing tourists from entering South Korea. In times like these waving visa fees is the only way to attract people. Knowing this, the justice ministry added that visas issued earlier will receive an extension of three months. Read on to find out more!

Wondering why the extension is specifically for three months? The trick lies in the fact that, July and August are the most happening months in South Korea, in terms of tourism. It is no surprise if tourism reaches its peak during this time due to waving the visa fees. Last year was a disaster as South Korea lost 46% of its tourists from China.


The good news is, if you are travelling in groups from China, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines or Vietnam, you will not be charged with tourist visa fees. Just make sure you travel to South Korea at any time between 6th July and 30th September.

In addition to this, if you are travelling from China or Japan with a group of people, you are entitled to a visa free stay for fifteen days.

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