Shanghai To Offer Work Visas

Shanghai To Offer Work Visas To High-Tech Professionals

China is making an attempt to extend a hand of friendship to the professionals of the world. This is being done by making Shanghai issuing visas on arrival to high level professionals. This good news was given out by the authorities with the hope of making Shanghai, a global centre for scientific and technological innovation. To be eligible for this, there are some conditions you need to fulfill.

You should have either received an invitation from a licensed high tech enterprise, posses a certificate of talent issued by the Shanghai Human Resource Authority or be endorsed by a high tech business incubator. Having any of these will prevent you from leaving the country to achieve a work visa. Isn’t that great? This will solve a lot of your legal hassles.

What Shanghai Needs

The President declared the need to develop Shanghai, in terms of its scientific and technological advancement. He believes that this will happen only when people from other places make valuable contributions in Shanghai. He wishes to achieve this, by making it easy for foreigners to apply for visas and gaining permanent residency.
From now on, a candidate’s eligibility for permanent residence permit will be decided not based on his/her job title, but on the amount of income tax paid to the government. If you are from tech background then Shanghai should be your destination.

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