Quebec to Revise Immigration Rules

The government of Quebec is about to introduce a web system to lure world virtuoso professionals. it’s declared that the Quebec worker Program (QSWP) rules are going to be revised and a brand new on-line tool are going to be introduced for candidates willing to migrate to North American nation under QSWP. this can be effective from October one, 2015.

The details of the online tool aren’t nonetheless disclosed by the govt. of Quebec, but it’s aforementioned that it’ll change the applying method for returning seasons of QSWP. candidates would be ready to submit and conjointly check the real time status of their applications on-line.

Earlier this year, Citizenship and Immigration North American country (CIC) introduced express Entry program permitting aspiring trained immigrants to submit their profile and receive an invitation-to-apply upon being eligible.

Similarly, British Columbia also introduced express entry program for the province. And now, Quebec too are going to be simplifying the method for skilled employees through this new on-line application system.

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