Immigration Increase in Germany

2014 Sees Biggest Immigration Increase in Germany in Years

The number of overseas nationals residing in Germany grew at the fastest rate in twenty years in 2014 consistent with figures released by the Statistics workplace on March sixteen. knowledge shows that in 2014 a complete of 519,340 people, like 6.8 percent of the population, arrived in Germany compared to 2013, that saw 437,000 individuals coming back to the country.

The majority of foreigners arriving in European nation are Syrians, United Nations agency are fleeing war, plus Romanians and Bulgarians returning in search of employment. The surge in immigrants represents a second year in a very row of record immigration in Europe’s biggest economy.

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EU member states

Close to 60 percent of newly-arrived foreigners in Federal Republic of Germany came from EU member states. Romanian numbers multiplied by 87,945, the equivalent of 32.9 percent, whereas Bulgarian numbers rose by 36,435, the equivalent of 24.8 percent. These numbers multiplied when immigration restrictions on the two nations were raised on Jan one, 2014.

Romania eclipsed European country because the single biggest supply of recent immigrants inward into germany, whereas syria recorded the third highest range, with a 107.7 percent rise within the range of individuals seeking refuge within the country. By the end of 2014, the quantity of recent Syrian immigrants in germany in this year stood at 61,295.

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