Five Indian Girls Winning Technovation Challenge!

Congratulate The Five Winning Girls Of Technovation Challenge!

Once again it’s time for India to celebrate her achievers. This time, the reason for India’s pride are five girls from Bangalore, who succeeded in winning this year’s Technovation Challenge. Wondering what that is? Read on to find out more.

A Technovation Challenge is a technological entrepreneurship, offered to girls in San Francisco. This difficult achievement was mastered by five of our Bangalore girls.

How did they achieve this? That is an interesting story! These young girls who are struggling through their 9th grade, have come up with an innovative app called Selixo. At the tender age of 14, these girls have achieved beyond imagination. They call themselves Pentechen and are passionate about environment protection. Their app, brings together, waste producers and consumers.


Let us understand how it works. Once we get the app on our Smartphone and register ourselves there, our solid domestic waste becomes accessible to people or organizations who want to buy and use it. The app also allows you to advertise for your waste product, through which you can reveal details like, its cost and condition. The app is available on Google Play Store for free.


It’s time to know some more details about these talented girls. The Pentechen team includes, Sanjana Vasanth, Swasthi P Rao, Mahima Mehendalli, Navyasri B and Anupama N. Their creation will be managed by Technovation until the talented minds turn 18. Once they come of age, they will be granted a sum of 10,000 dollars, to be used in the development of their app.

Talking about their achievements, Sanjana Vasanth says “The journey of building the app has been interesting and helped us learn a lot. We all plan to study technology after school.” While they learnt a lot through this process, we definitely learnt the lesson of eco-friendly behavior. Here’s wishing the girls all the best for their future endeavors in technology.

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