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European Commission Plan to ‘force’ Britain to accept immigrants

The Head of the eu Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, is that the drive behind a extremely controversial arrange that may force each country within the eu Union (EU) to just accept a quota of expatriate immigrants, together with Britain.

The plans were unveiled in Belgian capital on Wednesday thirteen, May, however Britain says it’ll not accept any such proposal created by the eu Commission to receive asylum seekers and refugees.

Immigration Proposals likely to cause a rift

UK Home Secretary, missioner could, said: “Asylum choices ought to be entered into on a voluntary basis. several of these seeking asylum are paying organised gangs to induce them across the Mediterranean. If we’re planning to prevent individuals from putt their lives at risk to cross the MEd, we want to prevent them from starting their journey within the initial place.”

May added: “In recent weeks we’ve seen the devastation [referring to a fishing boat, that capsized off the south coast of European nation claiming the lives of many refugees on board] and dangers folks face attempting to cross the Mediterranean.”

Germany received highest refugee numbers in 2014

According to the EU Statistics Agency, Eurostat, Germany received the best number of refugees of any EU member state in 2014 taking in over two hundred. Kingdom of Sweden accepted eighty one, whereas Italy took in sixty four.

Juncker’s proposal says ‘emergency mechanisms’ may get action by the end of could to form positive that the distribution of individuals, ‘clearly in want of international protection,’ is honest across all EU member states. Italian president, Sergio Mattarella, aforesaid that countries in opposition to the set up are ‘selfish’.

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