• New Zealand Extends Online Visa

    New Zealand Extends Online Visa Application System New zealand, in an exceedingly move to change visa application method, has extended on-line visa application system more to work and traveller visas. In August last year, it started acceptive visa applications on-line from foreign students willing to review in New zealand. Now, it’s declared that associate degree […]

  • Australia Records Growth in Foreign Student Enrollments

    Australia has recorded a jump in international student enrollments in Australian universities in 2015. As several as 147,000 foreign students started their education in Australia within the first quarter this year, compared to 142,400 identical amount in 2014. the amount is claimed to be the very best to date in an exceedingly single quarter in […]

  • International Response to Refugee Crisis

    Amnesty International Scathing Report on International Response to Refugee Crisis The response by the international community to the worst refugee crisis since WWII has been tagged a ‘shameful failure’ by Amnesty International in a very critical report discharged nowadays. it has been calculable that quite 50 million exile immigrants fleeing conflicts in places like destroyed […]

  • Technical Delay in Issuing US Passports and Visas World Over

    The America consular offices across the planet are facing delays in supplying America passports to its voters and visas attributable to some technical issues, aforesaid a press release free by the America. Issuance of passports for applications received on or once might twenty six and process of visa applications received from June 9 is delayed […]

  • Tier 1 Investor Visa Benefits Very Wealthy Seeking UK Entry

    The Tier one capitalist Visa is worth considering if you’re one in every of the terribly tiny number of individuals who have £2 million to take a position within the Britain. this can be double the previous investment demand of £1 million. On 5 November 2014, the house workplace enhanced the minimum investment demand from […]

  • Ontario

    Ontario: New Legislation Passed to Attract Skilled Immigrants Canadian province of Ontario has recently passed Ontario Immigration Act to make sure that the province benefits from skilled immigration procedures. The Act can permit Ontario to participate in choice method of skilled immigrants supported its requirements and ability priorities. There has been a notable increase in […]

  • US DHS Proposes 6 Years Work Permits for Foreign Students

    The Obama administration is putting all its efforts to simplify the immigration rules and open US shores for global skilled immigrants. It has proposed the long overdue immigration reforms to give legal status to over 11 million illegal migrants. The government is also debating scrapping of H-1B visa cap so to have more global skilled […]

  • 2015 Immigration

    Bill Targets Migrant Workers Immigration in 2015 The state opening of parliament within the UK last Wednesday saw the Queen deliver a speech ready by prime minister David Cameron’s team, within which she made public the new Conservative government’s agenda for his or her next for their years in workplace. Among the announcements created within […]

  • Scotland

    Scotland: Post-Study Work Visa for Indian Students Soon After recording a dip in Indian students selecting Great Britain for instruction year when year, Scotland is considering to bring back post-study work visa program for Indian students. Some three years past, in Apr 2012, Great Britain government finished the Post-Study work visa, conjointly referred to as […]

  • US L-1B Visa

    US L-1B Visa – India Asks For Clarity on “Specialised Knowledge” Indian government has taken up the difficulty of L-1B visas with the U.S. once more and has asked for clarity on “Specialized Knowledge”. The Hindu product line has rumored that india has asked the U.S. to outline the term in wake of rising visa […]

  • US Amends H-1B Working-Visa Rules

    US Amends H-1B Working-Visa Rules. The application process has been made more expensive and could cost employers handsome amount to hire and retain foreign workers. It would even cost them to transfer foreign employees from one job location to another within the US. The guidelines laid down by the USCIS say that companies that employ […]

  • UK Visa applicants

    UK Visa applicants incorrectly advised by the Home Office The Scottish National Party (SNP) labelled the advice ‘negligent’ and ‘ridiculous’ because unelected parliamentary candidates have no special status when it comes to intervening in UK immigration matters.The UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) service made the statement after Maneesh Varshney and Vivek Kumar had sought assistance […]