• Immigrant dies while attempting to emigrate

    Immigrant dies while attempting to emigrate to the UK via Eurotunnel A migrant died on Tuesday July 7th while attempting to board a moving freight train in Calais on the way to the UK according to Eurotunnel officials. The migrant, whose name, sex, and nationality have not been officially released, is the second to die […]

  • Shanghai To Offer Work Visas

    Shanghai To Offer Work Visas To High-Tech Professionals China is making an attempt to extend a hand of friendship to the professionals of the world. This is being done by making Shanghai issuing visas on arrival to high level professionals. This good news was given out by the authorities with the hope of making Shanghai, […]

  • America Honours Great Immigrants.

    America Honours Great Immigrants; 4 Indian-Americans Included! It’s not everyday that we come across news about, Indians making it big in other part of the world. When you do, you feel proud to be an Indian. Four Non-Resident Indians have given us this opportunity. They have done work which has helped them earn the title […]

  • South Korea Waives Visa Fee To Enhance Tourism!

    MERS outbreak has played a monster in South Korean tourism. This has scared away a lot of people who visit the country annually. The South Korean government has decided to deal with this constant loss, by waving the visa fees. They have welcomed tourist from China and Southeast Asia to visit their nation without a […]

  • Five Indian Girls Winning Technovation Challenge!

    Congratulate The Five Winning Girls Of Technovation Challenge! Once again it’s time for India to celebrate her achievers. This time, the reason for India’s pride are five girls from Bangalore, who succeeded in winning this year’s Technovation Challenge. Wondering what that is? Read on to find out more. A Technovation Challenge is a technological entrepreneurship, […]

  • Dubai Makes Health Insurance Mandatory for Employees

    Dubai Ensures Its Employees Are Healthy; Makes Health Insurance Mandatory Here’s an important announcement for all the employers in Dubai. Now you need to make sure that all your employees are covered with health insurance. A rule imposed by the Dubai Health Authority makes it mandatory to cover employees with health insurance, if they want […]

  • US Visas Technical Glitch Partially Resolved

    The technical glitch that erupted in America computers poignant visa process across the world is partially resolved. the matter lasted for quite 2 weeks leading to a backlog of quite 70,000 visa applications globally, particularly those of farm staff from mexico stuck at US-Mexico border. A team of over 100 specialists was constantly operating to […]

  • UK Visa refusal keeps sportswoman Cassie Thomas in Australia

    Former world squash champion and 6 time British champion Cassie Thomas is unable to return to the UK with her husband and two daughters because officials refused her husband’s visa application. The sportswoman’s husband, who is an Australian national, worked in the UK for 8 years until the couple moved to Melbourne in 2010. Despite […]

  • UK might Deport 7,000 Foreign Nurses by 2020

    UK’s new immigration rules might result in deportation of just about 7,000 non-European nurses, several of whom are from Asian country, by 2020. The immigration cap set beneath the new rules might result in ability shortage at Britain’s National Health Services (NHS). The salary threshold has also been raised to £35,000 annually, so touching as […]

  • Seven Mistakes Avoid in Visa Interview

    Seven Blunders to Avoid During the Visa Interview Now that you have secured your offer of admission letter; the next important test that lies ahead is the ‘Student Visa Interview’. This article examines the seven top blunders that students make when appearing for the visa interview and also gives tips on how to ace the […]

  • Canada Makes Changes to Citizenship Rules

    Canada’s new citizenship rules declared earlier are already in impact from june 11, 2015. the foundations are a trifle rigorous compared to the previous ones. They need PR holders to pay longer within the country so as to become eligible to use for citizenship and oblige to lot more things. The Old Rules Permanent Residents […]

  • Tier 2 Visa Limit Reached for First Time in UK

    The monthly limit on Tier 2 visas was reached for the primary time this month, prompting harsh criticism of the visa cap from business and immigration consultants. UK Tier 2 (General) visas limited to 20,700 Experts warn of public sector skill shortage No plans to increase Tier 2 visa limit Tier 2 (General) visa for […]